Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Resolving to Evolve With Sankalpa

It is a good bet that if you made a New Year's resolution, it has already been put to the side, until next January 1. That is unfortunate, but there is a way to turn that around by using yogic techniques to start an inner evolution, rather than an outward resolution.

A resolution is usually defined by attaining a certain result by changing something about yourself. But what if you could attain that result by being even more yourself, not by resolving to change something about yourself? That is what sankalpa does for you.

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word for a statement of resolution or intention. But the format for a sankalpa is a bit different than the format for a New Year's resolution. The purpose of a sankalpa is to bring you to your authentic self, who you really are right now. As your authentic self, you don't need a New Year's resolution. For example, a resolution might be, "I will lose 20 pounds by June 1." A resolution speaks to something you will be in the future and you might outline some steps to eat right or get more exercise. A sankalpa might be, "I now treat myself with love and respect." When you keep your attention on treating yourself with love and respect, you take the necessary steps and fulfill your resolution to lose weight, and even more, like getting enough sleep, balancing your work and personal lives, whatever you can to do to fulfill your sankalpa. You may have more than one resolution, but with some self-inquiry you create one sankalpa to meet all your resolutions.

Starting in March, I will be teaching a new type of hatha yoga class where we will use sankalpa and other yogic techniques to achieve the goals you have for yourself. Intentional Yoga classes will be held at Awareness Village on Wednesdays, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m., starting March 5. The classes will be suitable for anybody, including beginners. I look forward to helping you be all you can be!

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